The CPFEA is excited to recognize those civil and military federal employees that exemplify distinguished service to the public. If they meet one or more of the criteria noted below, consider nominating them:

Job Competence – Accomplishments or sustained quality of performance which are clearly beyond normal job expectations. Examples are an unusual amount of work completed; exceptional quality; exceptional ability to relate to fellow employees and clients; unusual motivation; demonstration of extraordinary resourcefulness, imagination, or ingenuity; elimination of fraud, waste or abuse; or perseverance under unusual circumstances.

Self-Development – Formal or informal education, training, or other self-development activities through which the nominee has made herself/himself more valuable to the Federal Service.

Leadership – Civic or other similar activities or organizations in which the nominee has participated that are exemplary of superior leadership with the community and/or federal services.

Public Service Contribution – Unyielding efforts and contributions that resulted in a positive impact to:

        – Agency mission and customers
        – Other government agencies
        – The general public
        – Significant involvement in a professional, charitable, community service organization
        – Specific contribution to the advancement of professional goals
        – Specific contribution to enhancement of neighborhood, schools, community-at-large