• Professional and Scientific – This category includes occupational specialties which require knowledge in a field of science or learning characteristically acquired through education or training pertinent to the specialized field, as distinguished from general education. The work of a professional/scientific occupation requires the exercise of discretion; judgment, and personal responsibility for the application of an organized body of knowledge that is constantly studied to make new discoveries and interpretations, and to improve the data, materials, and methods.


  • Administrative – This category includes occupational specialties which involve the exercise of analytical ability, judgment, discretion, personal responsibility, and the application of a substantial body of knowledge of principles, concepts, and practices applicable to one or more fields of administration or management. While these positions do not require specialized education majors, they do involve the type of skills (analytical, research, writing, judgment) typically gained through a college level general education, or through progressively responsible experience. 


  • Technical – This category includes occupational specialties which involve work typically associated with and supportive of a professional or administrative field, which is nonroutine in nature. Such occupations involve extensive practical knowledge gained through on-the-job experience and/or specific training less than that represented by college graduation. 


  • Trades – This category includes occupational specialties which require physical work and have the paramount requirements of knowledge and experience in the trades, skills, crafts, or laboring occupations.


  • Law Enforcement Support and Administration – This category includes federal employees engaged in the enforcement of civil or criminal laws, the protection of life and property, or the administration of justice.


  • Public Safety Personnel – This category includes federal Fire Fighters, Correction/Probation Officers, and Officers of the Court.


  • Community Service Volunteer – This category recognizes employees who have provided extraordinary service to their communities. The agency’s nomination implies the employee’s job performance is satisfactory.  You must include a description of the participation or service, the organization for which the volunteer work is accomplished, approximately how much time is devoted to each, and who benefits from or is the recipient of such service.