The Federal Executive Boards (FEB’s) were established in 1961 by a Presidential Directive to improve coordination among Federal activities and programs outside Washington. The need for effective coordination among the field activities of Federal departments and agencies was then, and is still, very clear. Approximately 84 percent of all Federal employees work outside the national capital area. Decisions affecting the expenditure of billions of dollars are made in the field. There are 28 FEB’s located in cities and major centers of Federal activity.

In cities and areas where FEB’s do not exist, another organization of local principal federal agency officials often exists. These organizations are generally entitled Federal Executive Associations or Councils, and have purposes and objectives similar to FEBs.


The Central Pennsylvania Federal Executive Association (CPFEA) is a voluntary organization consisting of federal managers and employees working together to foster improved cooperation and working relationships among federal agencies in Pennsylvania.


Our goals include, but are not limited to:

  1. Achieve cross agency cooperation on mutually beneficial programs
  2. Enhance relationships between federal activities, state and local governments and private industry
  3. Serve the people of Central PA through community projects and volunteerism
  4. Provide career development and networking opportunities to members

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