Central Pennsylvania Federal Executive Association (CPFEA)
“Feds inspired to share, lead, and serve.”
A Final Message from CPFEA
Ms. Pamela Wenner, Naval Supply Systems Command, CPFEA President (2017-2018)
CPFEA is a voluntary organization that was established with the objectives of encouraging professional development and learning opportunities, facilitating working relationships between Federal Agencies, recognizing federal employees (at all levels) and serving the Central Pennsylvania community. Due to limited participation and increased opportunities within individual agencies, the CPFEA Board of Directors (BOD) has voted to lower the CPFEA flag with a constitutional amendment and dissolve the CPFEA organization. Similar opportunities to meet our objectives are available:
1. Increased professional development/learning opportunities;
2. Multiple federal awards programs at all levels;
3. Increased social media interactions;
4. Federal Day of Caring.
Rather than compete with similar efforts for participation, we strongly encourage our former members to utilize the opportunities within their agency. Please continue your servant leadership role by serving the community and collaborating with other feds via the many organizations in Central PA. CPFEA has met it’s many objectives by enabling development and learning opportunities, facilitating interagency relationships, serving the community, and recognizing federal employees (at all levels) in Central Pennsylvania. Now may the other opportunities that exist carry that torch.
CPFEA BOD will 1) refund FY18 (only) membership dues paid; 2) place remaining funds with a charity; and 3) provide the closing budget/asset distribution plan. May your CPFEA friendships and connections remain strong. It has been my honor to be part the organization!